EXTC featuring XTC’S TERRY CHAMBERS coming to Kyoto

(English)On Tuesday 10th January 2023, EXTC featuring XTC’S TERRY CHAMBERS will be gigging at TAKUTAKU in Kyoto.😄
(japanese)2023 年 1 月 10 日火曜日、EXTC featuring XTC’S テリー・チェンバースが京都のライブハウス磔磔でギグを行うんやぁ 藁

(English)TERRY CHAMBERS is the first gig in Kyoto in 44 years.
(japanese)TERRY CHAMBERSは44年ぶりの京都公演。

(English)44 years ago, I was able to go see a gig at Kyoto Seibu Auditorium.

(English)A scrap of the page of the 1979 Japan tour of the magazine Ongaku Senka.

(English)However, at this time, the time when the member change occurred. From Barry Andrews to Dave Gregory, there was hesitation in the change of sound.
(japanese)しかし、この時、メンバーチェンジが発生した時期。 バリー・アンドリュースからデイブ・グレゴリー、音の変化には迷いが有ったんやけどね〜。

(English)I was still a kid (14 years old).This was my first opportunity to see foreign artists, so I decided to go.

(English)As a result, a good gig was identified.😄
(japanese)その結果、良いギグが確認でけたと 藁

(English)This visit to Japan is not with the original members but with a tribute band, but it is an opportunity to hear past songs live.

(English)Unlike 44 years ago, I have a work schedule.😅

(English)Doors open at 5:30 pm. Start time 6:30 pm.
(japanese)開場時間が午後5:30 。。。開演時間が午後6:30。。。

(English)Probably an hour late even if I could get there.

(English)Depending on the order of the bands performing together, you may not be able to see them at all.

(English)For the first time in 44 years, I am hesitant to purchase tickets.

(English)Tickets for a gig that cost ¥3,000.jpy 44 years ago now cost ¥7,800.jpy.

(English)Might be sold out while I’m wondering.

(English)I don’t know.😆
(japanese)知らんけど www

(English)Advance tickets are now on sale at VINYL JAPAN stores,  TAKUTAU, and e-plus.Hurry up if you want to see it.
(japanese)前売券はVINYL JAPAN店頭と会場で有る磔磔、及びイープラスで販売中。観たい人は急げ。

(English)*This time, it took me twice as long to write the blog post because I used a translation tool.😄
(japanese)今回、翻訳ツールを使用したのでブログの記事を書くのに倍の時間を要したよっと 藁

(English)The concert 44 years ago was to celebrate the release of this album.



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